Quality Control


All raw materials which are used in Hadidsa Co. obtain from reputable factories and all of them are certifid. For greater certainty most of pipes will be sent to some laboratories such as Razi Lab., Institute of petrolium industry and Sharif Institute before production and will use after confirmation of laboratory. 

In order to ensure more, the QC department of Hadidsa check the products regularly. Some controls which the QC team are doing on products are: dimensional tests, Hardness examination and thickness gauging. In addition to the mentioned regular checks the QC department does 100% of MT test in order to be sure that there are not any cracks and defects on productions.

All products of this factory has been examined by inspectors of national gas company with destructive testing method as Type Test. Whole fittings and flanges which produce by Hadidsa have a valid certification with one year guarantee. In the case of purchasers' request, Hadidsa provides them certificates approved under supervision of inspection companies which have confirmation of national gas company.

In order to promote the quality of control measuring, our QC unit utilizes some active and experienced enough consultants in petroleum and gas industries and effort to find new and comprehensive solutions of enhancing the quality of products.