About Hadidsa

HADIDSA Co. with nearly 30 years of experiences started its activities since 1987 as one the manufactures of equipment for Oil, Gas and Petrochemical industries.

What has located HADIDSA on the peak of the Credit is its manager's belief and deep respect to the superior quality of manufactured products, such a way that HADIDSA now claim to compete with the highest companies in all around the world in terms of quality.

As the 1st recipient of the 3076 IRAN national standard certificate in the field of producing of butt welding fittings and flanges, the management of HADIDSA is one of the authors of  the above mentioned standard as well.

In order to broaden the scope of manufacturing the disposable goods, in recent years HADIDSA placed the producing of high pressure fittings and flanges to its agenda and did it successfully.

As one of the main, pioneer and oldest one companies of producing the fittings and flanges for Petroleum, Gas and petrochemical companies, HADIDSA's honor is cooperation with many valid companies.